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¿Qué es el Vendaje Neuromuscular?

La técnica de Vendaje Neuromuscular, de origen japonés, utiliza un esparadrapo elástico para influir sobre los músculos, las articulaciones y el sistema nervioso y optimiza la circulación linfática y sanguínea. De este modo se recupera la capacidad de auto-regeneración del cuerpo.


Asociación Española de Vendaje Neuromuscular - English version

Neuromuscular Taping has become part of daily clinical practice for a large number of physical therapists worldwide.

It can be used for patients with all kinds of disorders: orthopedic, neurological, post-surgerical, pediatric, lymphatic, (elite) sports, and visceral. Animals also benefit from the undeniable effects of Neuromuscular Taping.

A group of NMT instructors founded the AEVNM (Spanish Association for Neuromuscular Taping) in Spain a number of years ago.They have been collaborating with instructors from Holland, Germany, Italy and Portugal. Aim is to teach this method in an organized manner, maintaining high standards, promoting scientific research into effects, mechanisms and the practical applications of this tape.

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